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Kids More Fun. My name is Alma and I am raising 5 kids in Manila. I value healthy food, nature, and exploring the Philippines. 

Bolinao with kids

Bolinao with kids

Where to stay:

G Beach Resort has two aircon family rooms, each with a king bed and queen bed, for about 5K a night. Private Beach. Very rugged outdoor setting, like you are camping (you can camp there). Carabao grazing and deer running around in the morning. Use of outdoor kitchen available with room. Breakfast is ok. Other meals not great. So if I were staying here and didn't want to move from here I would bring lots of food in a cooler and do bbq. Fridges available in room. Here's a photo of the private beach. 

Puerto del Sol is the best out of the big resorts there. We came here two times for dinner. Food is great, is the best option for meals by far. 

Treasures of Bolinao, I wouldn't stay at. It was very run-down and sad looking. Went there for dinner and service was slow. View was cool from the deck, but the deck itself is an eyesore on that beach. I would choose PUnta Riveria resort over Treasures of Bolinao. And I believe it's a Punta Riviera that you can rent a kayak at to go on the river. 

What to do: 

From the town of Bolinao, it is one looong road (probably a 3/4 hour to drive) that goes along Patar beach. All the resorts are along this road. G beach is all the way at the end. 

The town center of Bolinao itself is pretty cool, it was neat to see the church. There are not a lot of reliable places to eat here, prob most recommended is Adora's. Canteen-style filipino food. 


So after you pass the town center it is just one long narrow road with resorts on either side. No stores except for random, small sari-sari stores, so be sure to bring whatever snacks or anything else you might need! On that same long road there are underground caves to visit. We went to the one that is called Enchanted Cave. You pay like 20php to go into the whole park area. The whole park area is fun to be at. Interesting land forms by lava deposits. Hammocks and bamboo huts to picnic in. Small splash pool. The underground spring itself was very cool to swim in. 


On the road, there is also a  small beach with an awesome/beautiful rock formation that my kids looooved playing at. Will send you a photo. But there are a few along the road.

This is the sign to look out for, for this particular one. 

So fun to play in sand, walk on the rocks, run in that grass up above, collect snails, dip feet in water. You pay a fee like 50 pesos for the whole fam to enter (it's the rental fee of a bamboo hut).


There are the Bolinao waterfalls which are also very neat but hard to find in a car, and then there's still a walk (but through beautiful rice fields!). But totally worth the scenery and kids loved splashing in water/swimming in it. . If you do go, I would go either on your way in or on your way out of Bolinao bc they are before you get into Bolinao and would take you 45 min one way from puerto del sol. And I can tell you how if you are interested (or ask somebody there).

(General directions to Bolinao Falls FROM Bolinao town center. Go on main road as if going back to Manila. When you see Ga Ang Pinoy Furniture on both sides of the road, On left Martina farm. On right there is a waiting shed and a small sign to Samang Norte and Iglesia Ni Kristo- take this road going right. You will pass Iglesias on your left, anytime road forks, go right. One of the forks has a sign that says "falls")

Walk through rice fields to get to waterfalls

Walk through rice fields to get to waterfalls

Bolinao falls

Bolinao falls

Baguio with kids

Baguio with kids