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Kids More Fun. My name is Alma and I am raising 5 kids in Manila. I value healthy food, nature, and exploring the Philippines. 

Banaue with kids

Banaue with kids

First of all, here's the itinerary we did. Baguio (4 nights), Banaue (2 nights), Sagada (2 nights), La Union (4 nights) plus a day trip to Vigan in there. Then back to Manila. Manila to Baguio is 4.5 hours, Baguio to Banaue via Sagada is 5 hours. Back to Sagada is 1 hour. Sagada to Luna, La Union is 4 hours. Luna to Vigan is 2 hours. Luna back to Manila is 5 hours.

The drive from Baguio to Banaue via Sagada is awe-inspiring! Here's an example of a view:


Stayed at Banaue Hotel

Manila main office number is 551-3945 or email

Hired a jeepney for 2300 php from hotel itself (same price as from tourist office) that took us to Bangaan Village (about an hour away), and any other stops we wanted. Ideal hike with kids bc it's only 15 min down stairs. You can take a lunch and picnic in the village itself. Kids loved hiking around the rice terraces, and it's beautiful!

The jeepney could also take you to Batad village you have to hike into (1.5 hours to the saddle/view), and then another 1.5 to the waterfall, apparently.

See Banaue terraces from "Main Viewpoint."

Sanafe Lodge's restaurant has a great view of Banaue terraces as well.

Native Village Inn also has great view of back of Banaue apparently, but if you try to go there, it's only 80 per cent cemented so make sure your car can make it on rough, muddy roads!

Near Banaue Hotel is Tam-Wan village. 5 minutes down from the hotel. There is a store with good prices (weaved products, wood carving and igorot weapons) owned by a really nice man. Further down is the Tam-Wan village, don't be surprised if the locals want to show you the skeletons of their ancestors, for a donation of 100 php.

Banaue hotel has cultural shows of Igorot dancing at 8:30 pm (don't know which days)- totally worth watching!

Banaue hotel had the best selection of food bc had western food, including steaks. Everywhere else seemed to only have filipino ulams and rice.

Photos of hiking around in Bagaan village:

Sagada with kids

Sagada with kids

Baguio with kids

Baguio with kids